The Pathways PRTF Program

Generations Pathways PRTF Program is a nationally accredited psychiatric residential treatment facility designed to treat adolescent boys who have sexual behavior problems and a need for psychiatric services. The program seeks to provide safe and effective quality care with individualized treatment plans, a nurturing therapeutic environment and a strong educational component. At Generations, care and understanding collaborate with knowledge and experience to provide a treatment philosophy designed to restore healthy functioning. Through these specialized services we realize our goal of “no more victims.”

Quality Treatment Services

Generations Pathways PRTF program provides a multi-disciplinary treatment approach that focuses on teaching youth responsibility and accountability for their behaviors, addresses their clinical needs, and builds on developmentally appropriate behaviors. The interdisciplinary treatment team is comprised of a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, a licensed masters level clinician, administrative staff, education staff, and direct care workers to ensure best practice is provided to each resident. The holistic and integrated approach encompasses a variety of treatment models and methods that are evidence informed.

Childhood Experiences

Learning to be a child is a big component of this program. Many of our boys have not had an appropriate childhood and learning to play is extremely important. Through structured recreational therapy, special events and holidays at Generations, our boys learn the joys of childhood.

Family Reunification

Family Reunification is also a large part of the PRTF program. We recognize the role that family plays in each child’s ability to be successful. When appropriate, each family is encouraged to become involved in their child’s treatment.

The Pathways PRTF program is…

  • Sexual Aggression Specific
  • Medically Driven
  • Trauma Informed
  • Developmentally Focused
  • Family Involved
  • Competency Centered
  • Relationship Based
  • Ecologically Oriented

Generations is a nationally-accredited, non-profit organization working with at risk boys. Sexual abuse is stopped and prevented at Generations through structured, staff secure, and caring programs. Behavior management and various skill-building groups are tailored to the specific needs of each child. Through our specialized services, Generations maintains a 98% success rate as we work toward our goal of “no more victims.”