People With a Passion

Our organization is made up of over 100 staff members. If you ask our boys, they will tell you how much support they receive at Generations. In addition to the Management Team listed below, we have front-line caregivers who are with the boys 24/7, and our Masters Level directed Care Providers working with the counseling aspect of their healing.

Kathleen Reynolds         My Defining Moment
Chief Executive Officer 


Steve Reynolds               My Defining Moment


Brian Clark                    My Defining Moment
Facility Director


Roseanne Brown              My Defining Moment
Director of Development


Aimee Clark                    My Defining Moment
Admissions and Program Director


 Shannon Paradise         My Defining Moment  

Admission and Program Director - Pathways



Kim Adkins                       
Compliance Director

Ginny Savage
Human Resources Director


Debbie Best
Operations Manager





Chris Leach
Program Manager