Our Approach Makes a Difference

Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) are a big part of Generations. We believe that no matter how well our program is working, there is always opportunity to improve. Quality Improvement focuses on evaluating performance, assessing barriers, and setting performance goals. Once we have set performance goals, we are able to evaluate our progress towards those goals and analyze how we can best meet them. Through this focus, we believe we can continue to provide the best possible services to our children.

Our organized approach clearly makes the difference. We currently maintain a 98% success rate. This means we have provided services to over 800 boys since we opened in April of 1991 with 98% of them remaining successful since discharge from our program. We will continue to collect data to determine outcomes on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis as we strive to reach our goal: 100% success with our boys and their families.