A Commitment to Prevention

Generations is committed to the prevention of sexual abuse by providing best practice in the assessment and services for neglected and/or at-risk youth and their families.

Generations works with adolescent and pre-adolescent males who are in primary need of specialized services for abusive behaviors. Our goal is to provide our boys with a home-like setting,which is highly structured and staff-secured, with a therapeutic environment that promotes and rewards positive change. Our programs were developed with a strong belief that adolescents with these problems must be held accountable and responsible for their behaviors and that they can find their lives transformed to be able to return safely to the community as positive, productive, responsible citizens. Above all, Generations recognizes and respects its privilege to be a part of the community and is committed to maintaining community safety.

Generations believes that every person deserves to be treated with care, respect, and fairness, and that one should be held responsible for personal choices and behaviors through a model of trustworthiness and good citizenship.